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Before and After

Seeing is believing.

The Esporta® Wash System:

  • Outperforms traditional laundry technology by restoring 85% of the contents that traditionally would have been cashed out.
  • Capable of cleaning Category 1, 2 & 3 water, heavy smoke and soot damage to FOOD GRADE CLEAN.
  • Supports all cleaning claims with documented third party laboratory validation.
  • Restores over 90% of the soft contents in a house claim vs. less than 40% recovery using traditional washing technologies.
  • Removes bacteria, viruses, odor, soot, grime, mold, bio waste and mildew from clothing, bedding, comforters, pillows, sleeping bags, linens, rugs, leathers, jackets, suedes, furs, linens, stuffed animals, shoes, hats, belts, purses…and restores them to pre-loss condition, and FOOD GRADE CLEAN.
  • Reduces the cost of cleaning significantly
  • Save insurance companies millions in replacement costs by reducing the number of items that are cashed out.
  • And, it produces faster and simpler claim settlements, delighted policyholders, and reduces claim settlement costs.

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